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Anonymous asked: how can I contact you outside of tumblr to talk about anime and mango?


If you’re looking for my skype, I generally don’t give it out since I’m kind of an awkward person to talk to. It’s not so much that I’m shy or anything but I can literally drop conversations without warning and go days without wanting to so much as even think about talking to a human being. I know this is stressful for some people and causes anxiety.

Ways to talk to me outside of tumblr- Gaiaonline might honestly be the best bet. But I’m always open for conversations ON tumblr, so?

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OC Art Meme!!!



Send a number and I’ll draw my OC:

  1. In what they normally wear
  2. In what I’m currently wearing
  3. In a school uniform
  4. In swimwear
  5. In underwear
  6. With no clothes on
  7. In winter clothes
  8. In fancy clothes
  9. Making 3 different expressions
  10. Standing on their hands
  11. With their favorite animal
  12. Hanging out with a friend
  13. Sitting on the couch
  14. Doing something they don’t normally do
  15. Eating
  16. Playing a sport
  17. Beaten up
  18. As a kid/adult
  19. Wearing a funny hat
  20. Sleeping

tbh you can also ask outside of my ocs i just want to draw requests

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What do you mean I can’t draw my old OTP?
just try to fucking stop me

What do you mean I can’t draw my old OTP?

just try to fucking stop me

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The second result for searching AmeriBel on youtube is a CMV I did with my girlfriend 3 years ago.

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I watched 3 fucking seasons of Hetalia in one day

I watched 3 fucking seasons of Hetalia in one day

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Anonymous asked: you are kawaii.


;;; o;;;

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kazu-n-kagu asked: Why why are you gonna hurt my soul with Berueren! Im going to be in this hell forever



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Sorry there hasn’t been much art lately (tho I am technically on a hiatus) I’m just incredibly sad lately.

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  • Will Do: OCs, Fanart, Furries, Anthros
  • Will Not Do: NSFW, and Mecha
  • Simplistic backgrounds MAY be included, but for complicated backgrounds I will charge.
  • Interested in commissioning me but can’t afford the options? Message me and we can work out a ‘Pay What You Want’ option!
  • Payments only accepted through paypal, either message me here or e-mail me at crosshearts@live.com if interested!

(Also as a side note: The gif set messes with quality of some of the pictures, feel free to ask to see the more high quality ones!)

As a bit of a note as to what the moneys going towards; a bulk is to help me pay a lot of medical shit as I go through it. So yeeee.

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I think every writer/artist has that one story/drawing that gets completely skipped over, and they’d never say it aloud, but inside they’re like

'fuck all y'all, that's one of the best things I've done'

plus one story/drawing that everyone loves

'really? that one?’

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